Herr Leise
Programmer, Artist, Creative, Consultant
About Me

I am Patric (Herr Leise), software developer & IT consultant from Berlin, Germany. I'm most excited in new technologies and methods to make workflows and best practices for teams - top notch.

  • Age . . .
  • Residence . . . GERMANY
  • Freelance . . . Available
  • Address . . . Berlin, GERMANY
  • Languages . . . German, English
My Services
Web Development

Contemporary and versatile websites, onlineshops, backends, & interfaces are what I build. Check out one example: Sandowell

Apps & Service Development

From management tools to Apps.

Graphics & Design

Crafting styles, logos, brands, and many more.

My Skills
  • Web Design
  • Vector & Pixel Art
  • Movies & Clips
  • HTML / JS / PHP
  • XOJO
  • C#
  • PowerShell
  • Swift
Applications & Tools
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • Affinity Suite
  • Adobe Creative Suite
2011 - Present
Employee Tech - Projects & Process Manager
Scout24 SE

Building and managing the In-House IT (Employee Tech) Projects and Initiatives Portfolio.
Coaching and Mentoring Teams and Individuals to leverage their abilities on self manage Project-Initiatives to move Business Entities forward and develop a strong Growth-Midset.
Supporting Department Leads on Strategic Decisions and Long- Term Goals.
Lead Coach and Mentor on restructuring Employee Tech Department Teams to adopt a strong Agile Mindset - with Focus on Service driven entities and Product developing Teams.

2018 - 2021
Senior Employee Tech Engineer
Scout24 SE

Customer First In-House IT Consultant. Helping Teams achieve their goals with Technology and Best-Practices.
Taking care of the Atlassian Suit Ecosystems, advisor on processes and technical implementation of various Solutions for all kind of Teams and Divisions.
Specialist on implementing and rolling out business workmanagement solutions with deep integrations into Cloud Applications and Directory Services.
Supported and facilitated the User Service Teams - across multiple locations - to move independently, make decisions based on data-insights, and with focus on the customer-needs to provide world-class inhouse-customer-support with NPS ratings continuously maintained over 50pts.
Lead on initiatives to build the internal customer Self Service Knowledgebase and improving the Inhouse-IT brand for Employee Tech - by streamlining communication methods and channels, and establishing the central ET Newsroom to make company-wide communications accessible to all Department Leads and each individual Engineer, to deliver the latest news to the customer base with ease.

2016 - 2018
Employee Tech Support Engineer
Scout24 SE

Providing first-class inhouse-customer centric IT Support.
Whilst establishing Jira as the IT ServiceDesk solution and taking over ownership of the Atlassian Ecosystem and provided services to the Company.
Planned, Build, Rolled-Out and Maintained the Operations Performance Reporting System for all Employee Tech Teams while introducing central CSAT solutions and Multichannel Customer-Feedback collecting systems.
Set the groundwork for a centrally managed company-wide IT- Onboarding experience, together with People Service Specialists.
Lead Facilitator on moving from Corporate-IT-Support towards Employee centric, and Customer first Department Brand adoption - called Employee Tech.

2013 - 2016
Software Developer
Kälte Berlin

Delivered Software to maintain Onlineshop & Inventory.

2012 - 2015
Software Developer

Made a piece of software to monitor health parameters of workers of a Litter Service in Hamburg.

Agile Coach

Certified Agile Coach

2012 - 2016
Interface Design
FH Potsdam

Human interface & interaction design. Building interfaces for easy use - no need for booklets.

2011 - 2012
Computer Science
HU Berlin

Studied computer sciense & physics.